CPP MAREPO | Our Services
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Our Services

In brief, CPP MAREPO have been in Consulting Engineering for some 50 years. As our Mission Statement identifies:

“We strive at all times to achieve and maintain engineering excellence and see our steadily growing list of satisfied Clients as a positive indication of our performance in the past and our objectives in the future”.

We pride ourselves with a list of high profile technical as well as commercial projects, as will be seen from the short list attached. We briefly outline some of our expertise as follows:


Here we cover the full spectrum of Building Services, i.e.


Kitchen & Cold Room Equipment

Energy Management & Design Solutions

Building Management (BMS)

Piped Services (Gas, Water and/or Other)

Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC)

Hospital Services ie, Theatre AC, Sterilizing Equipment, Medical Gas & Vacuum.


CPP MAREPO have for many years been actively involved in the design of Fire Services.  Our expertise covers a very wide spectrum of application of which the following are a few:


Fire Detection, Public Address and Evacuation

Fire Protection, i.e. Inergen, FM200 piped services

Film forming foam pumped systems

Sprinklers, Hydrants and Hose Reels

Rational Fire Design Planning and Approval(s) etc.

Maintenance Management of Assets


We pride ourselves as one of the leaders in this field!


All cabled services are within our Scope from electrical power reticulation at 22 kV to provision for low voltage services. We include substations for main incoming supplies, emergency standby supplies utilising diesel generators and UPS systems.

In building services we cover lighting, power distribution, lifts and escalators, earthing systems and transient protection.

We have been responsible for cable reticulation within buildings for:

Power Systems

Building Management Systems

Data / IT Systems

PABX Telephones

Conferencing Systems


Wherever specialised technology is called for, we liaise closely with the experts in the industry, to ensure that we meet with the Client’s requirements.


Our security installations are based on a Client’s performance specification drawn up at the beginning of the project to ensure the most effective use of supplier’s selected equipment, such as:

Proximity Card Systems

Bio-metric Systems

Access Control Equipment

Digital Security Camera Multi-point Surveillance

Control Room Monitoring

Our approach to Client’s security needs uses loss management principles based on our research into the best solution for the project. This ensures that systems and equipment can be updated and extended to suit changing requirements, with special emphasis on the integrity of the Client’s system against today’s high demands.


We provide professional consulting, from conceptual stage to final handover, for Wet Services in the following fields:

Above and Below Ground Soil and Waste Reticulation.

Hot and Cold Water Services, to Client Specification.

We base our designs strictly in accordance with the latest building regulations, standards and best practice.

Special emphasis is placed on meeting the unique water demands of each building, while still remaining environmentally responsible with regard to water usage and conservation.

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