CPP MAREPO | Frankenwald Drive Warehouse
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Frankenwald Drive Warehouse

About This Project

Frankenwald Drive Warehouse, Linbro Park – Capital Property Fund / Imperial Cold Logistics:


  1. Services: Fire Services including Rational Fire Design complete with all Fire Related Services Installations
  2. Project comprised of Fire Protection (FH/FHR/FE), Automatic Sprinklers, Pumps and Tanks, Fire Detection, Smoke Ventilation and Gas Suppression Installation for a 30,000m² Distribution Centre and Offices. Gas Suppression were installed in the inside the Freezer Rooms (8 x ±2,500m² Freezer Rooms @ -30ºC) in lieu of Automatic Sprinkler Protection.
  3. Fire Projects Value : R 43,106,322.48 (Excl VAT)
    1. Fire Protection          – R 5,917,023.95
    2. Fire Detection           – R 6,943,440.89
    3. Smoke Ventilation   – R 1,401,340.00
    4. Gas Suppression      – R 28,844,517.64